Welcome to our fundraising page. Clair Scent Décor is passionate about fundraising and know how hard fundraising committees work to achieve profits for their organisation. Half the battle is coming up with easy, fun, and unique ideas that will keep everyone interested while raising lots of money. Over the years we have worked with kindergartens, schools, sporting organisations and senior citizen clubs (just name a few). During this time, we have perfected a few different fundraising ideas that can assist any organisation. Our most popular fundraiser is the ‘Picture Candles’, closely followed by ‘Candle Drives’. However, in most cases organisations run both at the same time.

We were approach by a Childcare Centre 7 years ago who wanted to do a fundraiser with candles. I was so excited by this and absolutely LOVED the idea. This is when ‘Picture Candles’ were born, and we have never looked back.


Picture Candles are our most popular fundraiser with Childcare Centres, Kindergartens and Primary Schools. If you have had a child go through kindergarten, then you would remember ‘Picture Plates’. Well, this is similar.

Children do a drawing either at school or at home and then the drawing is transferred onto our gorgeous white candles. We use a special label that is super thin and looks like the child has drawn on the candle jar. $5+ profit can be made on each candle. We have recently gone online with our order forms making the process a lot easier for both us and the organisation. Children still do a drawing on a piece of paper, but this is then uploaded onto the order form.  However, we still have hardcopy forms if that is more suitable for your organisation or a previous candle fundraiser has worked well that way.

A popular option is to add a Candle Drive to the Picture Candles too. This will increase your profits.


  • Mother’s Day Stall items at reduced prices.

  • Pop up stall with a percentage of sales going to the organisation.

  • Designing candles for specific fundraisers at reduced prices


Currently our fundraising service is for organisations in Victoria only. However, we are looking to increase this to South Australia and NSW soon.

Places book up incredibly early for Mother’s Day and Christmas. I would recommend contacting us at least 3 months before this time.

Easter is quickly becoming a popular time for fundraisers. Also do not forget Winter. Candles, fire, and warmth…. this is the perfect time for a ‘Winter Warmer Candle Drive’.

Picture Candle samples and fragrance samples will be sent to the organisation to display for families.


Any expression of interest can be sent below or please use this form to contact me if you have questions. We would love to hear from you.


We'll be in touch soon, thank you.